PESSACH 5781 – פסח תשפ”א

Dear Members לי”ט
The Pray Time List for all Minyonim at Pessach this year הבע”ל 5781

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you have to clean your synagogue square in good time before Passover from Chometz. The list of medicines, perfume list/body care products etc. can be viewed directly on the following Medication list Pessach 5781 – 2021
We can also send you the lists by post. Please order them Mrs. M. Shitrit tel. 079 448 89 88, no later than Monday, March 22, 2021.
Sell of Chomez: Rav Yossi Yudkowksy Shalit”a, is in charge of the Chomez,   on Monday  March 22, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. at the synagogue. If someone cannot be present at this time,    Rav Yossi Yudkowksy  Shalit”a is available by telephone tel. 0033 695 418925.

Erev Pessach:
After this year Erev-Pessach falls on Shabbat, certain Halachot are different than usual.  we have briefly summarized the most important points as follows:

Thursday, March 25
The “Fast of the Firstborn-Bechorim” will take place on Thursday. If you want to take part in a “Sijum” instead, it will take place on Thursday morning after ‘Schacharit’ (07:15) in the hall of our Bet Hamidrasch.
Thursday evening after night (7:30 p.m.):“Bedikat Chamez” with Beracha and then “Kol Chamira” just like every year.

Friday, March 26
Chamez burning until: 10:55 a.m. (but the “Kol Chamira” will not be said until Shabbat”)
Likewise, Chamez’s sale to a non-Jewish person, should be done by that time.
The Chamez dishes must be closed! If necessary, the kitchen for Passover can still be ‘Koshedr for Pessach’ with boiling hot water etc. all day long.
Every Chamez is to be taken out of the house. Shabbat you should leaves only four small ‘Chalot’ (Chametz) needed for the first two Shabbat meals. They should be well packed in a safe place.
All the food of the Shabbat meals should only be cooked, prepared and eaten with Pessach dishes in the kitchen prepared for Pessach and in the Pessach dishes.
All preparations for the Seder evening should be made Friday: bein (Zroa) and egg cooked (but not peeling off), washing all vegetables,  horseradish, Charroset production, preparing salt water, peeling all vegetables ready to eat, etc. Opening the Mazzot packages and bottles etc.
The table with all other preparations must be made before Shabbat, as nothing can be prepared for Yom Tov on Shabbat.
Don’t forget to have a fire pit or a big candle burning over Shabbat in the kitchen (72 h) so that you can light the candles at Yom Tov.
For the food of the Chalot to Kidusch, in the evening as well as in the morning, it is recommended: In the same room where the Shabbat candles stand and the rest of the meal is eaten, a small table should be placed in a corner (or in the corridor from where you can still see the candles) on a smooth, easily wiping floor. It is better to avoid carpeting, otherwise you put a plastic cloth over the carpet and under the table. Instead of a tablecloth, place the challot on a paper napkin, which can later be disposed of in the toilet together with the breadcrumbs.
If a Kidusch cup is used by Passover dishes (disposable cup is not suitable!), avoid contact with Chamez and immediately remove the used cup from the table. If a chamez’diger cup is used, it should then be rinsed in the bathroom and placed in a cupboard sealed off via Passover.
Eating a ‘Kebejza’ Challa (slightly more than 50g) is enough, after which you should shake off crumbs, clean the table and wipe the floor. All breadcrumbs are thrown into the toilet!
After that, the hands should be washed and dried with paper towels.
Continue the rest of the meal with Passover food, at the table laid for Passover, and then speak the ‘Birkat Hamason’ as usual (do not use ‘semired’, which are on the Chamez table all year round!).

Shabbat, 27 March
‘Schacharit on Shabbat morning takes place earlier than usual so that you can eat another ‘Kebejza’ Chamez in time for the second meal.
End time for Chamez-Essen: 09:55.
Those who have fallen asleep are not allowed to eat Mazza or eat in front of ‘Schacharit’ Challa!
After that, the rest of the chamez should be dismembered (to avoid blockages) thrown into the toilet and rinsed.
If you still have plastic towels and disposable dishes that are full of breadcrumbs to dispose of, carefully pour them into the toilet.
In the case of larger quantities of Chamez, it is also possible to pour them completely with toxic detergent after crushing, so that they are insoluble for animals. It can then be placed in the sweeping bag. If access to the municipal container is allowed in your garden/forecourt on Shabbat, you can dispose of the garbage bags that contain chamez, also on Shabbat before 10:55 a.m.
Then close the bask and sweeper.
Wash hands and rinse mouth. If you have tooth seals and crowns, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with hot water from the Shabbat kettle to ‘cook’ it. Anyone who has prepared a toothbrush for Shabbat is allowed to brush your teeth with it “without” water and “without” toothpaste and then close it off.
All Chamez must be destroyed by 10:55 a.m. and the Chamez devices must be closed off.
After that, the “Kol Chamira” is said.
In the afternoon, instead of the third meal, some cooked meat, fish and eggs or fruits and potatoes should be eaten.
In any case, be careful not to eat fully, so that one eats the ‘Mazza’ on the passover night with appetite.
For further questions, you can contact Raw Chajim Grünfeld Shalit”a Tel. 076 467 15 16 or by e-mail address:

We wish you a happy and healthy Kosher Pessach.