PESSACH 5783 – פסח תשפ”ג

Dear friends and guests,

For the upcoming Pessach holiday, we ask you to note the following messages:
1. The following Pray time list / Minyonim take place daily:
Weekdays: Shacharit: 08:00 am, Mincha 20:05 pm /Maariv: 8:00 pm
after announcement in the synagogue
On Shabbes and Yomim-Towim: Shacharit: 9 a.m., Mincha/Maariv: according to the calendar 
2. Kosher dishes for Pessach –  please be in touch with Rabbi Yossi Yudkovsky. Only objects/dishes that have been cleaned good and carefully and not used for 24 hours, may be koshered. Devices that are not thoroughly cleaned cannot be allow to Kosher them.
3. Synagogue sits and desks: each member is resposeable to clean his/her desks from chomez by Sunday, April 02, 2023, 12:00 p.m.
4. Sale of chomez: Rabbi Yosi Yudkovky  שליט“א , is available for chomez sale after Maariv every day in the synagogue. For other times, please contact Rabbi Yudkovky שליט“א directly. The Chomez sales authorization should be handed over to Rabbi Yudkovsky by the owner or an authorized adult by no later than 02.04.23 / 12:00 p.m. If you will be absent during Yom Tov from your home, please mention this at the selling Chometz agreement.
5, Kosher LePessach medicines / Perfumes/body care products, you can have at the following website: or under “Passover”.
The lists can be ordered by telephone from the Shitrit office on 079 448 89 88 by Sunday, April 02. 2023 at the latest.
6. Pessach nigh:
Burning of  the Chomez will be Yi”H  Friday, April 05, 2023 between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. at the Parking area, behind the Synagogue.
7. Sium Bechaurim: will take place  on Friday, April 05, 2023 after Shacharis in synagogue, Bruchstrasse 51.
8. Chomez allowed to eat until 10:47 a.m., Chomez is not allowed to use ny more until 11:47 a.m

For more Holachkley questions and information please call Rabbi Yossi Yudkovsky, שליט“א Tel: +33695418925,

We wish you and your familes a Kosher & Happy Pessach.
בברכת חג פסח שמח וכשר

For any questions or requests regarding the Jewish Community Luzern, we would be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate contact us by email or phone (or WhatsApp) 0794327881 or 0794488988 

פסח כשר ושמח

The JGL Committee

We wish you a happy and healthy Kosher Pessach.