Prayer times this week: Please check if we have a minyan at 079-4327881

07:30 Shacharit
20:45 – Mincha
21:00 – Maariv (After Shekia)

Prayer times this Shabbat – Re’eh
19:30 – Shabbat candles lightning and Mincha
09:00 – Shacharit – 11:00 – Kidush
19:50 – Mincha –  
21:43 – Maariv – Shabbat End. 
JGL Pray time list calendar 5781 \ 2020-2021
זמנים לוצרן תשפ”א – Luzern Smanim 5781
Dear friends and Guests,
Opening the Synagogue to the public the congregation can exist accordingly, to the disinfection and hygiene restrictions, maintaining a distance between each individual (minimum1.5m.) etc., in accordance with the restrictions and regulations, that the Swiss Federal Public Health Ministry (FOPH) .
Therefore, according to the above, we look forward to see you  by us and will be happy if you can participate at the holiday’s and Shabbat prayers.  People who would like and plan to come should contact us and let us know soon, in order to organised the Minyan. If you have any questions or additional information about the above or any topic in the community, please contact us.
JGL Committee