Prayer times this week:  The Synagogue is closed until further notice.
07:30 – Shacharit
19:20 – Mincha
19:40 – Maariv
Prayer times this Shabbat – “Tzav” – The Synagogue is closed until further notice.
18:35 – Beginning of Shabbat – Mincha & Kabalat Shabbat
08:30 – Shacharit
18:30 – Mincha  –  Parasha Shiur
20:48 – End of Shabbat

PESSACH 5780 – 2020

* Chametz selling Agreement
Checking Chametz – “Bedikat Chametz” On Tuesday, 13th. Nisan-7.04.20- After 20:45, every family check the Chametz at homes.
Erev Pessach – Wednesday, 14th. Nissan 8.04.20- After the Shacharit prayer, it is allowed to eat Chametz until 10:42 – the Burning of Chametz is until 11:42
** Dont forgate “Eruv-Tavshilin
A-B Pessach and Shabbat start – 14th.-15th Nisan (9-10.4.20) 18:55
Shabbat End at: 20:48

Dear Members and Guests, לאי”ט
Last night, the Swiss Federal Council adopted 3 instructions in order to fight together against the coronavirus. The measures force us to temporarily stop the joint service Minyanim in our synagogue. (As also all other Jewish Communities and Synagogues did). This measure will remain in place until 19 April 2020.  Our Synagogue, and also the Beis-Hamidrosch remain open for the time being, and you can also enter these premises, while fully complying with the hygiene and distance regulations that are known to you. You must strictly comply with these requirements and instructions.  At the same time, we ask you to take note that the men’s Mikwoh must also be closed at the moment. We ask you to keep calm and keep the rules, which can save our life’s as we hope it will be over soon for the good of klall Isroel.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Board of JGL. We will provide you with further details as soon as they are available.
בשורות טובות ישועות ונחמות
The JGL Committee