Prayer times this week
Shacharit: 7:15 (Sunday 7:30)
Mincha: 19:25
Maariv: 19:40 (after Plag)

Prayer times this Shabbat
Beginning of Shabbat and Mincha: 19:30
Shacharit: 8:30 after the service Kidush
Mincha: 18:30
End of Shabbat und Maariv: 22:19

Prayer time this every day this month at the Synagogue  – התשע”ט

Every morning at 6:30 before Schacharit is Shiur Mishna-Berura. After Shacharit is daily Mishna study. Every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 Shiur Halakhot and Parashat HaShavua/Gemarra with Rabbi Perelman Shalit’a. Every evening at 21:00 Shiur on actual subjects with Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Ashi Bollag Shalit’a